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Regardless of whether you’re just starting out your family or you’re on the brink of retirement, you should get started on developing your estate plan. Everyone should have a Power of Attorney so the person of your choice can take care of your financial and personal matters if you are, for any reason, unable to take care of matters for yourself. Everyone who owns real estate should have a beneficiary deed so the property will pass to whomever you wish before first having to pass through Probate Court. Everyone with a bank account or any other type of financial account should designate a person to whom each account should pass at the time of death, again, to avoid it first having to pass through Probate Court. Every adult, regardless of age, should have a healthcare directive and healthcare Power of Attorney in place to be sure that your wishes regarding your care will be carried out even if you’re not able to communicate those wishes to healthcare workers at the time that you need that care.

For the young family, you need to consider the importance of designating who will care for your minor children if you die unexpectedly, otherwise the Probate Court will make that decision for you after a guardianship/conservatorship estate has been opened. For those crossing the threshold into retirement, you need to consider whether your assets have reached the point that a trust will best serve your needs.

Here at Sherry DeJanes, P.C. we can draft the documents you need to properly protect your needs at any stage of your life. We also guide you through an assessment of your assets to ensure that you take the proper steps to obtain whatever estate goal you have in your sights.

Whenever there's a need to establish a Probate estate, we can guide you through the entire process as efficiently and economically as possible. Additionally, we have extensive experience establishing guardianship and conservatorship estates for minors and adults.

Contact us at Sherry DeJanes, P.C. for all your Probate and Trust estate needs.