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Unfortunately, it is all too common that when a loved one dies, the greedier side of nature surfaces and people contest the way in which the estate is distributed. Likewise when a loved one is nearing death and subject to pressure from others, undue influence may be exerted upon them to make or change an estate plan so it favors them over others. At Sherry DeJanes, P.C. we've handled both of those situations.

There are also instances where a personal representative or trustee has not properly managed the assets of an estate or trust. That can involve an intentional breach of the representative or trustee’s duties to the beneficiaries or simply be a matter of negligence in performing those duties. Either way, the trustee or personal representative must be held accountable.

In all cases involving probate or trust estates, your attorney must know and understand the statutes that govern the duties and obligations that are owed to beneficiaries by those administering the estate. Additionally, the attorney must be skilled at trial advocacy. Because of the fact that we draft probate and non-probate estate documents, we understand the statutory requirements that apply and because of our extensive trial experience, we can advise you of your legal rights. Stop browsing the internet and contact us to determine what we can do for you.