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My first jury trial, which I did win, concerned a contractor’s breach of the warranty of habitability on a newly constructed building which had an improperly constructed roof that leaked from day one. Since that time, we have handled many construction cases involving such diverse issues as collection on a construction bond for failure to comply with the specifications of the contract, representing condo and other home owners in a wide variety of complex construction and design deficiency cases, enforcement of mechanic’s liens, and fraud and misrepresentation by an asphalt contractor for it’s intentional breach of contract specifications regarding the thickness of the asphalt that was laid.

Over the years, we have helped contractors, subcontractors, businesses, commercial property owners, and homeowners fight for the best possible resolution of their construction disputes, and we can do that for you, too. We work closely with industry experts to help ensure your goals and expectations are met. While we try to resolve your issues through informal negotiations, or mediation, we are always prepared to take your case to trial.