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I have successfully handled many different types of business litigation over the years, including: whether the terms of a business contract have been violated; specific enforcement of the terms of a commercial lease; enforcement of a non-competition agreement; and enforcement of the terms of a buy-sell agreement. I also have experience with breach of fiduciary duty between business partners and shareholders in closely held corporations where one member violates his obligation to operate in good faith and loyalty to the other members. There are many other types of business litigation that I’ve handled, but one thing that contributes to my success across all types of business litigation is my expertise in putting together business deals and drafting the documents to seal those deals. Being involved on the “front end” provides me with valuable insight that those who aren’t involved in that aspect of business transactions simply can’t bring to the table.

There are countless areas in which a business may have a need for business litigation to resolve a dispute against another business. With my experience, I offer the skills and understanding to protect your rights and your company's business interests. My goal is always to achieve the best resolution possible and I am well equipped to do that whether it be through mediation, arbitration or trial. With my experience and dedication, I will guide you through the process to make the kind of recovery you deserve.