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Formalizing the organization of your business requires more than going online to file Articles of Organization and getting a Certificate from the Secretary of State. If you’re going to incorporate, you’ll need to have Bylaws and, if there is more than one shareholder, a buy-sell agreement is strongly recommended. If you set up an LLC, in addition to the Articles, you will need an Operating Agreement, even if there is only one member. Whether you establish a corporation or an LLC, you will need a resolution that allows you to establish a company bank account, and those are just for starters.

If you incorporate your business, you will need annual minutes and it is highly recommended that you memorialize any big decision, such as the purchase of real estate or entering into any type of contract, with minutes, too. In order to maintain the layer of insulation from liability that incorporation provides, you must remember to keep up with that type of record-keeping. A separation of your personal financial transactions from those of the corporation is also essential to maintaining that protection.

There are fewer requirements for annual record-keeping with an LLC, but it, too, has certain formalities that must be followed, especially if there is more than one member.

We can assist you with all of your general corporate matters such as maintenance of books and records, as well as serving as your registered agent. We can also ensure that you maintain your good standing as a corporation or LLC by keeping your state and local filing requirements up-to-date.